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Canning Capabilities


We offer:

  • 150ml, 250ml, 330ml and 500ml sizing options

  • Semi-automatic filling for small batches

  • Carbonated, still, CO2

  • ​​​Flash or Tunnel Pasteurisation

  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ)

  • Nitrogen dosing

  • Widget can filling

  • Soft drinks, non-alcoholic, ready-to-dirnk (RTD) cocktails, and more

  • Turnkey manufacturing solutions

  • Liquid development and recipe support


Contract Canning

Storefast Solutions offers capacity of 20 million cans a year, filled at our Kent facility. 

As consumers seek a more sustainable form of packaging, cans have once again come to the fore. Infinitely recyclable and offering flexibility, manufacturers and consumers are increasingly searching for a canned product.

Storefast Solutions' canning line brings your concepts to market, as well as offering quality and throughput to support successful products. Our pasteurisation services, along with the ability provide still or sparkling products, means there are very few products that we can't work with. 

With a strong background in soft drinks, non-alcoholic, seltzers, and RTD cocktails, we can help to bring your concept to life. 


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Toll manufacture to turnkey 

Storefast Solutions 

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