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Prinova: Pan-European Logistics Solution

Prinova are one of the leading global suppliers to the food and nutrition industries, suppling high quality, complete ingredient, flavour and blending solutions. Storefast Solutions have worked in partnership with Prinova for almost 10 years.

 Prinova's relationship with Storefast Solutions began as they looked to pursue a strategy of pan European expansion: they wanted to review their warehousing and distribution strategy to position themselves as the premier ingredients supplier within Europe. To achieve this they sought a company to deliver their logistical and value added services.  With our BRC accredited storage, Storefast were well positioned to deliver the bespoke service they required.

As a company Prinova drive for excellence in service and as a partner Storefast Solutions do the same, continuing to maintain the very highest grade in the BRC Global Standard. Both companies are committed to delivering service to its customers through dedicated teams working together.


Storefast solutions skill set and people facilitate Prinova’s existing

European liquid contract manufacture

Prinova are one of the leading global suppliers to the food and nutrition industries

Storefast solutions skill set and people facilitate Prinova’s existing  European liquid contract manufacture. Value added services provided include the faultless provision of thousands of tonnes of ingredients blended, packed and distributed to some of the world’s largest FMCG manufacturers. Both companies continue to work collaboratively on new ventures.

Storefast manages Prinova's successful bespoke pick and pack facility for ingredients delivered to the wellness, food and feed industries which has been greatly supported by an industry leading pre-sale sampling service. On-line stock management assists this facility and allows for Prinova to meet demand for samples, from new and existing customers.

Prinova have grown 60% in the last 5 years. Storefast Solutions are proud to have supported their growth with our pan European logistics solution, delivering the very best ingredients with the highest standards of quality and customer service. We strive to drive down manufacturing costs with our custom made products and we expect to continue to see  growth in this sector.

For more information about Prinova Europe, please visit prinovaeurope.com