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Yes...we can!

2020 has brought its fair amount of challenges, and two noticeable shifts in the drinks industry.

17 February 2021

Firstly, where we enjoy our drinks; with the closure of bars and pubs there has been a rising demand amongst consumers for different alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed from home. Secondly, what we consume; this year, more so than ever before, we have all been made to consider our health on a daily basis, and this has affected the way in which we work, live, and the nature of the products that we consume.


With that in mind, and despite all the restrictions on travel, a growing trend has made its way across the pond from the US and into the Storefast Solutions production plant - Hard Seltzer. Also known as spiked seltzer or hard sparkling water, hard seltzer is a variation of a highball drink containing carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavouring. With a clean flavour profile, it is quickly becoming the millennial drinkers preferred choice as a refreshing and lighter alcoholic beverage. And yes, there are considered health benefits too: fewer carbs, lower sugar content and low-calorie ingredients.


So where do we come in?


Storefast is always looking at the latest trends and technology to keep our solutions as fresh and innovative as possible, the most recent exciting introduction being our new canning line. Our can filler has the capability to fill cans ranging from 150ml up to 500ml in size, and over 30 million units per annum. This gives us the flexibility to produce volumes as low four thousand cans, perfect for developmental formulations and trials, with the professional finish of labelling, date and batch coding to impress potential new clients, all the way through to runs of several hundred thousand units.


We also understand the need to preserve your flavour profile and deliver a truly representative taste. That’s why we chose a filler offering high carbonation and low dissolved oxygen with counter pressure technology normally only found in largescale production machinery. To maintain a quality fill, intricate settings such as CO2 pre-purge, snift, fill cycle, tank pressure and carbonation levels can all be adjusted to suit the type of liquid running through.


Cans are a strong packaging option for environmentally conscious customers. Typically, each aluminium can is made from 68% recycled aluminium. Cans are 50% lighter than bottles, leading to reduced CO2 emissions in shipping, and are infinitely recyclable.


For enquiries into our canning services please contact trevor.murphy@storefast.co.uk