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Investment in Automation

Storefast Solutions are thrilled to add two new pieces of equipment to our contract manufacturing facility; our latest investments include an automated bag-in-box line and robotic palletiser

20 March 2023

In June 2022, our Procurement and Technical team successfully procured and impemented our automated bag-in-bx line, replacing our double-head manual filler.  Offering capabilities from 2 to 25 litres, bag-in-bx packaging is suited to a variety of different liquids including wine, ready-to-drink cocktails, post-mix syrup and more!

To continue fully automating our finished goods process, in January 2023, Storefast Solutions successfully commissioned the REECO RB1200 palletiser. 

Effortlessly moving boxes from line to pallet in a matter of seconds, the REECO RB1200 palletiser will give us greater flexibility, as well as improving health and safety for our employees, and reduing handling requirements on a day-to-day basis. 

Engineers from REECO were on site for a few days assistinf with the installation, set-up and commission of the palletiser which is programmed to our specific stacking and palletising requirements. 

If you are interested in packing your product into a bag-in-box format, please email enquiries@storefast.co.uk, where a member of our New Business team wouldc be happy to discuss your products and requirements further.