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Canning Line 2

A further 90 million cans per annum available in spring 2024.

22 August 2023

The journey started with our first canning line a little over three years ago. Since then, we have seen strong demand for our small to medium-sized canning offering. Our speciality centres around RTD cocktails, energy drinks and premium soft drinks, all of which are market sectors that have seen staggering growth. This is coupled with an adaptable line that has most functionality covered inclusive of:

  • 150ml, 250ml (standard and sleek), 330ml and 500ml.
  • Nitrogen dosing for still and widgets.
  • Flash and tunnel pasteurisation.
  • An adaptable end of line ready to work around your packaging requirement.
  • A full liquid development suite to help you bring your products to market.

Cans have seen growing popularity as consumers look for more sustainable packaging formats. This awareness also extends to the outer packaging, where increasingly we see customers move towards cartons in an attempt to mitigate unnecessary plastic. Sustainability is a key factor in all of our decisions and we are pleased to confirm it is at the centre of the design of Line 2.

We sought to replicate all of the excellent functionality that made canning line 1 so popular, and we are pleased to confirm we have. Our new modular line will be installed alongside our existing offering, gradually unlocking 400% more throughput over the next six months.

Our customers will benefit from being able to partner with a production facility that can service their medium and long term volume aspirations, whilst maintaining a track record of repeatable good quality. Contact us today to book in your line time!